The Graeae Press was established by Bobbie Geary, Sandy Karp and Katherine Kendall — the Graeae! — in New Orleans in 2005. We independently publish women’s works of fiction, personal narrative, philosophy, photography, and poetry.

The summer of 2005 was not a good time to start anything in New Orleans, as you may remember. We went high in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania immediately after The Flood. And stayed too long. But recently we’ve gone even higher: to the Mt. Tom Range of Western Massachusetts. The Pioneer Valley is just the best place in the world for bookpeople!

We’re about to introduce two new speculative eco-scfi books: Saray, Book 1 and Saraydatter, Book 2 by Bobbie Geary. And the long-awaited Origins, Volume One of Sentience by Dr. Sandra Karp will soon be going out for its peer reviews.

In the meantime, this site remains our outreach to the world. And you can now purchase any of our books here on WordPress (that has so staunchly kept us alive on the internet while life threw us some curves). If you want any further information, you can still reach us by email (thegraeaepress@gmail.com) or call (413-203-1431).

Our prices are the same: each book is $12 plus $3 shipping and handling: $15.00. We use USPS media mail. It’s very affordable, reliable and even pretty fast.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Graeae

The Graeae at the New York Rainbow Book Fair, 2011

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