The Books

Partners (Book 3) by Bobbie Geary

ISBN: 978-01-7338-342-0-9 Trade Paperback 290 pp

Kara & Saiya, Marine fighter pilots, are discharged for being who they are in an ugly period of American history. They emigrate to Nova Scotia and use their skills in rescuing climate change refugees from the melting Arctic. And their lives are forever changed. For the better.

Partners, Book 3 of the Saray Trilogy

Kara & Saiya, discharged US Marine fighter pilots, use their skills to rescue at-risk climate change refugees.


Saraydatter Full Cover

Saraydatter  (Book 2) by Bobbie Geary

ISBN:978-09-7454-03-5-1          Trade Paperback          296 pp

Saray is returned to Barentsland and her Spirit House in the 22nd century, where she is reunited with her daughter, tribe, and lovers in an altered, rioting and unwelcoming world.

Saraydatter by Bobbie Geary

Women's Speculative Fiction. Saray and her Spirit House return to the dacha in Barentsland. In the next century. When it's warmer, though not sunnier or safer.



Saray (Book 1) by Bobbie Geary

ISBN:978-09-7454-03-9-9          Trade Paperback          292 pp

Saray Full Cover

Saray (‘just a girl’) born in the Kampechian highlands, is educated at Smith, becomes a NGO administrator in Boston and Washington, and settles in Barentsland in the arctic circle, with her Spirit House of a dozen lovers, reindeer, and Komi in-laws.

Saray by Bobbie Geary

Women’s Speculative Fiction. A Spirit House of women journeying through time and cultures, in many places near and far.


Tamerine by Bobbie GearyTamerine Full  Cover

ISBN: 978-0-9745403-8-2; 188 pp

Journeying through the Forest to the Sea in the world after it all ended. And then started again: The Folks World, The Garrison & Taverna; even a beached formerly floating Domed City.

Tamerine by Bobbie Geary

Women's speculative fiction. A woman's heroic quest through the remnants of a destroyed world.


The Janeid by Bobbie Geary

ISBN: 978-0ISBN:978-0-9745403-0-6; 158 pp

Lambda Literary Bisexual Fiction Finalist 2010

janeid-coverJan’s journey on an ordinary but momentous day filled with quiet adventure; from memories of past loves, the Manatee and the Eel, and a visit with The Old Man of The Sea, and an aging Hippie Commune; to an encounter with an artist enchantress and a trip across the Polluted Bay in a borrowed clam boat to find treasures she didn’t know she was looking for.

The Janeid by Bobbie Geary

The Janeid. Treasures from the sea of imagination.


The Eyelids of the Morning by Bobbie Geary

ISBN: 978-0-9745403-6-8; 180 pp

Eyelids cover

Three animal behavior postdocs’ unexpected adventures in the lab, in the field witha mix of abstract art and a whale in the wrong ocean in the wrong season. Will they protect the straying Great Gray from invasive examination or secure their careers? Is the artist/seer really a famous but reclusive abstract expressionist or just an eccentric local?

The Eyelids of the Morning by Bobbie Geary

The Eyelids of the Morning. A wandering whale in the wrong ocean, in the wrong season.


Earthworks by Bobbie Geary

ISBN: 978-0-9745403-7-5; 276 ppEarthworks cover

Three interconnected stories from the past, present & future: told to the Callahan children on rural earth in the 1950s; about the Pioneers & Explorer trapped on an O’Neil Wheel in L5 in the year 2121; and the Cistercian Abby of Los Heulegas that became a place of refuge for the Albigensian weavers in 1212.

Earthworks by Bobbie Geary

Finding the Present in the Future. And the Past.


Speaking in Ampersands by Bobbie Geary

ISBN: 978-0-9745403-2-0; 160 pp

A metafiction that travels from midtown Manhattan to Shinnecock Hills to Philadelphia and all points interior. The POV shifts from Author to Character and back again. And again. Even Dear Reader finds her voice in MindSpace Kitchen. The form includes storytelling, lucid dreaming, journals, plays, sci-fi, movie reviews, etc. It breaks all the rules, laughing all the way. Despite the deconstruction, the story compels and the characters engage. And the integrative ending is a big surprise.

Speaking in Ampersands by Bobbie Geary

Speaking in Ampersands. Dialogues with the "inner voice" and Joanna Russ.


Learning Erotica by Bobbie Geary

ISBN: 978-0-9745403-4-4; 340 pp

Lesbian rites of passage through the closeted 60s in Greenwich Village, radical 70s in bold NYC, through the domesticated 80s of Philadelphia and into the transformed 2000s of New Orleans. No lesson in love goes unlearned!

Learning Erotica by Bobbie Geary

Learning Erotica. Learning LGBTQI before it had its letters!


Passionate Guest: Two Years in Southern Africa By Kendall

ISBN: 978-0-9745403-1-3; 320 pp

An American educator’s steamy and revitalizing journey into the heart of Southern Africa where she confronts civil war in Lesotho, caterpillar harvesting in Botswana, dolphins in the Indian Ocean, and diamond smugglers and heat stroke in the deep, red Namibian desert.

A Passionate Guest by K. Kendall

A Passionate Guest: Two Years in Southern Africa.


Portrait of a Decade: 1968–1978: Black & White Photography

by Ellen Shumsky

Introduction by Flavia Rando, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-0-9745403-3-7; 126 pp: 114 b&w photos

Lambda Literary LGBT Non-Fiction Nominee 2010

Iconic black & white photography from the era of women’s liberation and gay rights,upstate women’s communes, and the aging of the Lower East Side, South Village and Brighton Beach. Historical yet timeless.

Portrait of a Decade by Ellen Shumsky

Portrait of a Decade: 1968-1978. B&W photography with an introduction by Dr. Flavia Rando.


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  1. Elizabeth Harlow

    It’s so exciting to see your newly updated site! It’s beautiful and I will definitely be ordering the two latest books tomorrow.

  2. Flora-doughal

    I love this site thank you, for being reinspired

    • Flora — Thanks so much! It was sweet to find your message today (it was a bad blizzardy day here in Western MA!). How’d you find us? Say more. Have time and want to review something for us? We’ll send you one of the books to do so. Let us know. B&S

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